HMI technologies for all applications in hazardous areas

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Here you can download all relevant information on our products directly. For any further information or enquiries, please contact one of our experts at:

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Operating Instructions

The R. STAHL HMI operating instructions provide all relevant information to ensure compliance with explosion protection requirements (certifications, safety-related data, etc.), as well as basic information on the connection and operation of each revised HMI.

Installation Manuals

The R. STAHL HMI Installation Manuals contain all information required for mounting and connecting the devices.

Certification Package

The certification package includes all relevant certificates for each product revision – for safety reasons, please only use the corresponding certification package. (Any other combination of certificates may impact on compliance with explosion protection standards).

Product Status

The PRODUCT STATUS provides information on the current HMI version available in the market, or information on versions scheduled to be discontinued.

EAGLE / FALCON Overview Table Communication Drivers

This table provides an overview of available drivers for communications between our EAGLE / FALCON systems and related PLC systems.

Discontinued Product Documentation

This page provides the documentation links of HMIs that are no longer available. In general, R. STAHL HMIs have a 10-year life cycle, and a proper documentation of discontinued products is essential.

Download Software / Firmware

Project Engineering Software SPSPlusWIN

Upon registration, you will have access to the download site to download the latest version of our SPSPlusWIN firmware, versions suitable for other operating systems, or earlier versions of the SPS firmware.

Firmware Devices

Includes all files necessary for the firmware update and also a help for installation.

Marketing & Sales

Brochures, News & Press Releases, White Papers

This page provides you with all relevant product overviews, brochures, news and press releases.

Animations / Videos

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General Terms & Conditions

Here you can download our General Terms and Conditions (short/full version).


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